Enjoy seeing some quick snaps after some delightful cooking at home:

First harvest from the garden (lettuce)

Homemade tortillas

Wok-fried spiced chicken over a base of greens, various hot peppers and rice.

Chicken Shawarma marinade & sauce | Greek yogurt, 2x Tbsp. dry seasoning salt free, 3 Tbsp fresh lemon juice.

NY Strip steak over a bed of veg.


NY Strip steak over a rice mixture of fresh veg.

All over rice: sauté garlic & onion, citrus pepper chicken, bamboo shoots, napa cabbage, tomato paste. Side of sweet potato.

Marinara chicken w/ sweet potato. Side of napa cabbage salad w/ chopped Roma tomato and French vinaigrette.

Fried rice w/ sautéed onion. Marinated diced chicken breast all over a bed of napa cabbage with radishes, red onion, tomatoes, and vinegarette dressing.