Step into a journey through my lens and see some breathtaking splendor Colorado has to offer.

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Headed west across the Rockies, our first stop will be atop Cottonwood Pass.

Cottonwood Pass Summit | Elevation: 12,126'

What is the contennental divide?

A continental divide, according to National Geographic, is a naturally occurring boundary or ridge separating a continent’s river systems. Each river system feeds into a distinct ocean, basin, bay, or sea. The divide separates the water that flows to the Pacific Ocean from the water that flows to the Atlantic Ocean.

Westbound departing the San Juan range, Cliffs and mesas can be seen. The road follows along the Gunnison River and canyons for some time.

I end the long drive by reaching my destination during Golden Hour.

Sun shines into the darkness and reflects against the Gunnison River

Sunset View

There is no better place to enjoy the sun going down then right here. Rocky outcrops provide expansive views of the primeval canyon and it's fast-moving river. The sunsets here are famous for the hues of red far in the distance.

The next day, I go through it all once more. Here's a look at the camera roll.

next up...

Heading towards Monarch Pass now, we go back into the Rockies.

Monarch Pass | Elevation: 11,312'

Look at that guy!

So close to the edge...

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