A photographic journey of spending New Years 2024 with a very close friend! All images can be clicked/ tapped on for a better viewing experience.

We first embark to Pikes Peak region, enjoying the many things to do near The Springs.

This is the view of Downtown Denver from just about the top of Pikes Peak. The distance between the camera lens and the skyline is roughly 61.28 Miles! (98.62 km)

In the above video, we make our way down the mountain and on to the next great adventure...

^ Photo taken by guest

^ Photo taken by guest


Frosted Tips above Treeline


All photos here below are photos taken by us and shared. Photos taken by my friend have been used with permission.

Empower Field at Mile High

Kickoff brings in the choppers...

Thank you for giving this a read. Please find below a gallery of the DSLR images.

By the way...

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